June 13, 2018

A whirlwind week - and a big thank you

I can confirm it is a nail-biting time waiting for your books to be officially published and to go on sale for people to (gulp) actually read it.

As an author you are lost between simply hoping that people will actually hear about it, want to read it and go out and buy it - and enjoy it!

So this week I have lost count of the number of 'firsts' I have done. Got my first book published. Thank you Chicken House. Done my first school author event. Thank you Thomas Reade Primary School. Done my first book signing. Thank you Mostly Books. And received my first reviews. These have been so lovely I have pulled them together in one place to share, and have even found reason to have a brand new 'review' tab on this website here.

And the lovely Lilley Mitchell from BBC Radio Oxford was kind enough to invite me onto her show. If you want to hear our chat about The Last Chance Hotel and get my amazing writing tips, then you can listen here. I arrive at 2 hrs 8 mins (between Prince and David Bowie no less).

A really huge thank you for everyone who has supported me in so many ways - and who has bought The Last Chance Hotel.


June 04, 2018

Welcome to the Last Chance Hotel

I have the great news that my debut novel The Last Chance Hotel will be published on June 7, 2018.

Apart from making it a beautiful book anyway, with the exquisite artwork by Matt Saunders, my wonderful publishers, Chicken House, are doing limited print run of an exclusive edition.

This edition will be on sale only through independent bookshops.

Don't miss out on this exclusive edition! 

It will be published to celebrate Independent Bookshop Week in June, so please contact your local bookshop to reserve your copy as the edition with printed edges and absolutely stunning.

If you are an independent bookshop and you will be stocking the limited edition I'd love to feature you here and will try to list everywhere that is stocking the exclusive edition.

Where you can buy the limited edition:

Mostly Books, Abingdon
Kenilworth Books, Kenilworth
The Mainstreet Trading Company, St Boswells
Seven StoriesThe National Centre for Children’s Books, Newcastle Upon Tyne Learn more: http://www.mattsaunders.ink/