November 28, 2019

Dare you visit the Cut Throat Cafe?

As any readers of the first two Seth Seppi mysteries will probably have noticed, setting is very important for both the atmosphere and the plotting.

I have always been a big reader of murder mysteries and I particularly like the ones where there is a closed circle of suspects and everyone looking over their shoulder trying to work out which of them is a murderer. (As I always go on to say, this may sound gruesome, but really what I love is the puzzle!)

The first Seth Seppi mystery was set in the middle of the seemingly endless Last Hope Forest, in the Last Chance Hotel and the second was set at the isolated Snakesmouth Lighthouse, where a vengeful ghost was causing accidents to happen (or was it?).

So, expect a bit of a change for Seth's newest challenge, as this time someone is murdered in a bustling and popular cafe, right in the middle of the central square of Gramichee, one of the few towns were many magical people live.

This time it is the magical apprentices who are in trouble.

Seth Seppi is excited to arrive in Gramichee. But he’s worried that Angelique has only brought him here because she’s desperate to find someone to help him with his magic, which has been nothing but a disaster so far.

When the promise of an apprenticeship is offered, Seth is keen for the chance to study properly to become a sorcerer. But he is also worried that if someone discovers that his magic is dangerous, he’ll be banned from ever joining the world of the sorcerers.

The offer of an apprenticeship means he has a chance to find someone who might help him with his magic. Then he learns he has arrived in Gramichee at the worst possible time - an apprentice has been attacked and it's not the first incident.

This is the start of his most worrying case so far. Why are apprentices being targeted? Is it an accident? A prank gone wrong? Is one of the apprentices responsible, or is something much darker at the bottom of it all?

Once again, Seth will need all his wits about him and dig deep into the magical world and his own magic to find answers.

Can Seth discover who is the mysterious Apprentice Assassin before the whole apprentice scheme is scrapped and Seth’s dreams of ever becoming a sorcerer fail along with it.

I am thrilled that Seth is having another outing in his third magical mystery adventure, The Cut Throat Cafe, and hope readers will enjoy being back with Seth, Nightshade, Angelique and Inspector Pewter.

I hope you love the exciting colours by the wonderful Matt Saunders, who designed the cover images for the first two books.

It will be published on April 2, 2020. You can find out how to pre-order it here.

November 08, 2019

Some exciting news to announce - Seth Seppi will return!

I am thrilled to be able to announce that there will be a third Seth Seppi Murder Mystery adventure, and subscribers to my mystery journal will hear about it first next Friday (November 15).

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I'll reveal the cover for #SSMM3, some tantalising pieces of plot, and a few other bits and bobs about the return of Nightshade and Seth. But for now, here's a sneaky peek:

So where are Seth and Nightshade? What are they standing in front of? What mysteries await?

I'm delighted that it will be another stunning piece of artwork by Matt Saunders, that has added so much to Seth's adventures this far.

All will be revealed in the next edition of my mystery journal. Remember, you can click here to subscribe and receive it delivered free to your inbox. I can't wait!