May 10, 2019

A bold and brilliant experiment with teaching english

Back in November last year, I visited the inspiring Joseph Cash Primary School in Coventry. It turned out that they had based an entire term's English language teaching on my book, and when I arrived at the school, I definitely got the rock star author treatment!

The whole school oozed a love and an excitement of reading (they even do read-aloud story sessions with guests called 'Cashanory' - how brilliant is that?)

So how thrilled was I to discover that Joseph Cash has been shortlisted for the TES School Awards for the category of "English Team of the Year"!

Obviously this is nothing to do with my book (!) and everything to do with the passion, enthusiasm and love of literature that led them to do this big, bold experiment in inspiring english teaching. So imaginative and bold to choose to do all of this with a book by a debut author as well.

They are one of the most inspiring schools I’ve had the privilege to visit in their approach to teaching. The team is brilliant, as are their lovely and lucky students!

Thank you so much for involving me in a wonderful journey with your fabulous school. And the very, very best of luck with the award!