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Discover all three book in the Seth Seppi Mystery Stories starting with the award-winning bestseller - and winner of The Times Children's Fiction Competition - The Last Chance Hotel. Then discover my latest book - The Howling Hag Mystery - all part of the world of the Elysee Sorcerers! 

If you'd like to hear the opening chapter of each book - I read them over on my YouTube channel.

The Howling Hag Mystery

‘How do we even investigate a magical crime?’

‘It’s not so different from any other crime. We establish facts, look for motives, narrow the suspects,’ I said, settling down in the sunshine. ‘We pay attention to detail.’

They hadn’t quite yet seen the whole picture. I’d have to get to that.

"Blending magical adventure with Golden Age crime mystery, this delightfully atmospheric spin-off from the author of The Last Chance Hotel confirms Thornton's place as one of the most original children's writers around." - Waterstones Summer Reads

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The Last Chance Hotel

*WINNER* of the 2016 Times Children's Fiction Competition, the 2019 Ealing Children's Book Award, a Waterstone's Book of the Month in 2018, and nominated for the 2019 Carnegie Medal.

"Take a pinch of Agatha Christie, a soupcon of Cinderella, and lashings of Harry Potter-style magic and what do you have . . . a marvellous murder mystery at the creepy Last Chance Hotel" - Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post

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The Bad Luck Lighthouse

The follow-up to the bestselling The Last Chance Hotel!

"With The Last Chance Hotel, Nicki Thornton fused magical fantasy with classic crime; its follow up pushes the envelope even further, with sinister conspiracies and ruthless organisations abounding around a curious lighthouse. Playful yet genuinely creepy, the Seth Seppi Mysteries are fast becoming must haves for any child’s library." - Waterstone's 2019 summer reading recommendations

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The Cut Throat Cafe

The third in the Seth Seppi Mystery Series, and launched during a live YouTube event in April 2020, the latest Seth Seppi Mystery takes us deeper in the world of the Elysee Sorcerers...

"I think that this is my favourite book that Nicki has written so far. It is a truly wonderful story with so many unexpected twists and turns. This book is even more misleading than the ones before it but my favourite thing about it are the names, how DOES Nicki think them up (I love the name Tendril Vetch!)

It has so many relatable characters and many more mind-boggling mysteries to solve. Nicki instantly weaves another amazing bookworld filled with atmosphere, adventure and excitement, and a fair amount of soul-searching from Seth as he sometimes looks for easy (and sometimes quite dark) solutions to his problems, steered back on the moral path by his trusty best buddy Nightshade.

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