Welcome to The Bad Luck Lighthouse

The Bad Luck Lighthouse was published in 2019, and is the follow-up to The Last Chance Hotel. Many readers around the world are excited to be learning the further adventures of Seth, and The Bad Luck Lighthouse has been published in Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, France, Poland and Germany.

Welcome to The Bad Luck Lighthouse

In solving the mystery of the Last Chance Hotel, Seth Seppi discovered a bewildering new world of magic.

He is swept up in the new MagiCon case, investigating mysterious accidents and goings-on at the remote Snakesmouth Lighthouse. Seth is determined to prove himself, both as a potential sorcerer, but also as a detective.

Everyone is blaming a series of accidents on rumours that the lighthouse is haunted. But since discovering how damaging magic can be in the wrong hands, Seth sees parallels to some of the bad things that happened because of magic in his own home.

He sets out to prove someone among the lighthouse party must secretly be practising magic. And it is a darker and more dangerous magic than he has come across before.

When eccentric owner Mina Mintencress is murdered, Seth realises danger lurks around every corner. With the help of his cat, Nightshade, Seth must put his new-found magic to the test. Can they unmask a sinister sorcerer ... before it's too late?

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