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Back to school!

“Today’s virtual English session with the inspiring Nicki Thornton allowed our children to see the reality of becoming a successful author. Nicki was patient and enthusiastic about answering the child’s questions about her life, career and motivations.

- Janine Nettey, Assistant Head of 
Joseph Cash Primary
My events are always about a love of reading

There's nothing I like better than trying to inspire young people to read. So my talks are always about sharing my enthusiasm for stories and how books stoke our imagination.

Whether I'm challenging students to try to imagine how they might go about being a magical detective, or answering questions about my life as an author, I try to make my talks as interactive as possible.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed your visit. With the very interactive way you transmitted your passion, the children learned so much and were very engaged - almost too much at times you might say!

I was amazed to see some of the pupils (the ones who usually reject anything about books) asking such pertinent questions. 
The pupils who have read your book (some in just one night) would like the sequel very quickly!
- Beatrice Mallett, Secondary School Librarian, Europa School UK

I also run a writing workshop with support resources based on my crime fiction stories set in the world of the Elysee Sorcerers.

My workshops are about generating ideas and how you might structure putting them into a story.

As well as visiting schools, I have been running virtual events and shall continue to offer those to places where I cannot easily travel. 

I love enthusing children about the joys of reading.
I love talking to children about reading – and particularly about mystery stories, and how I gp about inventing the mystery and magic in my novels.

I love reading and love inspiring others to read. I was a bookseller for more than ten years, so I try to appeal to all students, whether they are passionate about books or more reluctant readers.

My events aim to be fun, they will get students thinking about why reading and writing are fun and rewarding and how being imaginative, having ideas can lead to amazing things.

I have also run events at bookshops, libraries and at festivals.

Talking all things children's crime fiction. On a panel with some of the best names in mystery writing - Anne Coates, Sharna Jackson and Sarah Todd Taylor

“Meeting Nicki Thornton was exciting because it’s the first time I’ve talked to an author.” 

“I liked when she was telling us about the books and that she was going to make another book. I think the next book could be about an island!” 

“Nicki Thornton was very interesting because we got to say our reviews to the author over Zoom. I liked doing that instead of just blogging it.” 

“She was really nice.” 

“I liked meeting Nicki Thornton because we got to ask her questions and she told us what she was going to do with her upcoming book. It was exciting!” 

“At first, I was very nervous about putting my hand up but then I found it fun and exciting when we were asking questions.” 

- Pupils at Joseph Cash Primary