My World

Nicki Thornton was born in Southsea, Hampshire, grew up mainly in Berkshire and studied Social History at Sheffield University before working as a journalist starting in Slough, west of London.

She worked for a while in PR before becoming a freelance technical writer and editor and moved to Oxfordshire. After a career working with words, it felt a natural step to started up her own bookshop with husband, Mark.

It was while at Mostly Books in Abingdon that she started writing fiction.

Her favourite part of being a bookseller was talking to people about books and what they loved about reading. She was proud to be a bookseller for more than ten years and is still a huge supporter of anything that promotes reading for pleasure. She is also now pleased to work with the Booksellers Association and the Unwin Charitable Trust as a bookshop mentor.

Her first published story was published in Woman’s Weekly after she won a short story competition and went on to have numerous stories published in magazines.

Her debut novel, The Last Chance Hotel, won The Times Children’s Fiction Competition.

It went on to be published in many countries and has been translated into languages including Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese and Turkish

Nicki Thornton’s debut won the 2019 Ealing Junior Book Award, was nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2019, was shortlisted for the 2019 CrimeFest Best Crime Novel for Children, the 2019 Oxfordshire Book Award Best Junior Novel, Shortlisted for the Warwickshire 2019 Junior Book Award and longlisted for the Specsavers National Book Awards 2018.

The Last Chance Hotel was a 'Best Book of 2018' in The Observer, The Telegraph and The Sunday Times.

There have been two sequels The Bad Luck Lighthouse and The Cut-Throat Cafe.

"With The Last Chance Hotel, Nicki Thornton fused magical fantasy with classic crime; its follow up pushes the envelope even further, with sinister conspiracies and ruthless organisations abounding around a curious lighthouse. Playful yet genuinely creepy, the Seth Seppi Mysteries are fast becoming must haves for any child’s library." - Waterstones

  • Her birthday is November 5 - a night which is celebrated in the UK with fireworks (but not just for her).
  • If she could do any magic she would choose to be able to do good luck and bad luck charms.
  • Although she writes about cats, she refuses to have one of her own as she loves to encourage all sorts of wildlife into her garden and cats might disagree with the reason for this.
  • She loves walking as well as writing and reading and often comes up with plot ideas while out walking or running.
  • She loves sharing writing tips and has a YouTube channel.

Nicki is represented by Jordan Lees of The Blair Partnership.