July 21, 2020

New - virtual events

A lot has been happening in the world of school author events, so I am offering all my events virtually for now.

My plan is to really put schools in the driving seat.

I am using my experience working in schools and running creative writing workshops to offer a choice of events built around my magical mystery stories.

Virtual events are fully flexible. We can make use of whatever technology and resources any school might have available. The cost of doing a virtual event with me makes it much cheaper for schools, so I am hoping I can reach more who have limited budgets. And more who are too far away from me to make a visit in person. No travel costs to anyone!

There are also many times of the year when I am not available to visit schools because of the constrains of deadlines, so I am hoping these new, very flexible options will work for everyone.

Please watch this space, contact me for further information, or join in with my newsletter if you are thinking about how a virtual mystery event might work in your school!

I hope I am back working with schools very soon.