March 07, 2019

The Last Chance Hotel is Waterstones Book of the Month

To everyone who has supported, bought, read and given a whole lot of love to The Last Chance Hotel - thank you! 
Writing and publishing my debut children's novel has been a lovely experience and there is nothing an author likes better than hearing that readers are reading their book - and enjoying it. 
A particularly big Thank You goes to Waterstones for choosing The Last Chance Hotel as the Children's Book of the Month for October 2018 and spreading the news so widely and with such passion and enthusiasm.
I have been amazed and delighted by all the wonderful displays by your creative teams and it has been so lovely to hear how much they have enjoyed shouting about The Last Chance Hotel.
I am sharing them here so everyone can appreciate at the hard work and creativity that has gone into them.
And as if this hasn't been an incredible enough month, thanks to the terrifically talented Oliver Daniel Nicholls - olliednmusic - Nightshade also has a theme.