August 01, 2021

Some wonderful reviews of The Howling Hag Mystery

Readers, booksellers, book bloggers, reviewers, teachers...thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to share some wonderful reviews of The Howling Hag Mystery. Here are some of my favourites to share with you (so far!).

Waterstones - and their booksellers - have always been a fantastic supporter of all my books and I was thrilled to be a made a Waterstones best book of July.

Pam Norfolk in the Lancashire Post produced a stunning review - along with a collection of other great books published this Summer. Thoroughly recommend you take a look through everything she recommends!

Some lovely shares on social media as well - this from one of the #BookNookReviewCrew at legendary children's bookshop, The Book Nook in Hove.  Aysha, your review - and lovely artwork - really made my day!

Golden Books Girl is one of my favourite MG reviewers, and has been a fan of my books since the start of the journey with Seth and Nightshade. So I was really thrilled with her review of The Howling Hag Mystery which was truly joyful! 

Scott Evans is The Reader Teacher, and I am in awe of how many books he reads and reviews every month. Fast forward to 5 minutes and 10 seconds to see his review. "The perfect mix of Poirot and Potter" - thanks Scott! ❤️

I've had lovely reviews from some favourite book bloggers too! Hetty, I'm so glad you like hearing the story from Nightshade's point of view (she always has a lot of opinions about, well, everything!):

And some lovely shares and reviews on social media. Thank you!

I'll keep putting more reviews on my main Reviews Page (so do let me know if I've missed any) - but thank you to everyone who has supported this book, it means SO MUCH.

Nicki xxx

If you'd like to order a copy of The Howling Hag Mystery you can do so through your local independent bookshop, through the new indie bookshop-supporting website, through Waterstones, Blackwells or Amazon.