June 17, 2021

Read the opening chapters of The Howling Hag Mystery - before it's officially published

Strange things are happening in the sleepy village of Twinhills. Raven Charming starts to investigate when her peaceful world is threatened by a malicious witch playing tricks at her school.

Because if there is one thing Raven knows about it's magic. She is used to keeping the family secret - you do get used to life being a little different when you come from a long line of witches.

So how can there be a new witch in Twinhills? One that no one in her family knows about? And why is the Howling Hag so intent on causing so much trouble?

Raven must get to the bottom of the series of cruel happenings before everyone starts to point the finger at her sister - because inexplicable things always happen around Rookery, a young witch who has to work very hard to keep her magic from spilling out.

Raven teams up with the annoying new boy at school, Morti Scratch, and gets unexpected help from a talking cat called Nightshade.

Can this unlikely team of detectives puzzle out why the school is being targeted by unkind magic, work out who is responsible for a very nasty body in the school pond and find out who is cursing the school before things get really serious?

Or will it mean that soon everyone will discover the truth about magic and the secret of the Charming witches?

The Howling Hag Mystery is published on July 1st, but if you want to get a sneaky early read of the opening chapters of the latest of my magical mysteries, you can download and read the first three chapters for free - right here:

As with the Seth Seppi Mysteries, the book is gorgeously produced.

And if you visit my YouTube channel, you can catch me reading the opening chapter of The Howling Hag Mystery:

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