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September 13, 2018

Seth's Theme - music inspired by The Last Chance Hotel

One of the totally lovely things that happens when you get published is that people start to share how your writing made them feel.

And one of the most wonderful things that happened to me was when local composer and music teacher Ollie DN contacted me to say reading The Last Chance Hotel had made him think of music. He has shared with me the theme he has written for Seth.

It lasts for two minutes - have a listen and see what you think:

It's a lovely, atmospheric piece of music. Absolutely huge thanks to Ollie. This was a brilliant thing to hear, not least because the music conveys to me exactly the sort of feeling I wanted to create in my readers. 

Writing something that creates those feelings in readers on the page might sometimes feel hard. But I wouldn't even know where to start to create those feelings by creating music. That truly is a whole other special skill. Hope you enjoy listening.