June 13, 2019

Celebrating The Bad Luck Lighthouse - limited edition bookplates

The second book in the Seth Seppi mysteries - The Bad Luck Lighthouse - will be published on July 4. I had such brilliant support from booksellers for The Last Chance Hotel, so a huge thank you from me. It means so much to me as an ex-bookseller 😊

So, to celebrate the launch of the The Bad Luck Lighthouse, I would be delighted to send out limited edition signed bookplates to any bookshops that would like them. Just email me if you would like some (and how many). Also, if you'd like any dedicated - just let me know!

It will be signed by me, and only a limited number will be produced.

(And if you would like your bookshop to be involved, you can ask them to contact me - and if you want to know where your local bookshop is - locate them here)

It's very exciting that Seth and Nightshade will be returning in a new, twisty-turny magical mystery. This is due to the fantastic number of booksellers who have shared and celebrated by debut novel The Last Chance Hotel.

Thank you for your amazing support :-)