October 16, 2020

So thrilled to announce: Two more books from me!

My wonderful UK publisher, Chicken House, have asked me to write two more books for them.

I could not be more thrilled and I am so pleased to have their support and the chance to write something more. I do rather love writing!

It's always tricky to know what to write next . . . I have been delighted with the reader reaction to Seth and Nightshade the mysteries they are solving in the magical world.

But at the same time, is it always a good idea as a writer to keep doing the same thing?

What will be next for books 4&5?

I have had a little think and some playing around with some ideas and have welcomed some great thoughts from people who read my newsletter and Seth will take a break for the next one to allow me to try something new.

But I can definitely say there will be magic involved and also a crime.

And it will have lots of things in common with my first three books. It will be set in the same world, a spin-off story set in the world of the Elysee Sorcerers, where mystery abounds. But if something supernatural happens in your neighbourhood is it down to magical forces and sorcerers going bad . . . or can it be explained by something else entirely? 

It all definitely needs investigating!

Seth Seppi mysteries abroad

I continue to be thrilled that the Seth Seppi magical mysteries are reaching readers abroad and absolutely love to hear from readers wherever you are! Particularly when you send me pictures of you reading. 

I have had two book birthdays recently. The Last Chance Hotel has been published in Sweden. The Bad Luck Lighthouse is now out in Holland. And the latest country that will be welcoming Seth is Hungary!

Thank you to all my publishers everywhere.

I managed to get a sneak peak of the next German edition, which I believe will be published in December. It translates as ‘The Lighthouse of Ghosts’ which I love.

There will be more news soon of my next book - don't forget if you want to join in, I write a regular Mystery Journal and you will be first to hear what is happening to Seth and Nightshade.