September 26, 2022

Another crime fiction fantasy thriller!

 Here's a little update with a big announcement. 

I have been busy writing another magical story! This time the setting is the island home of Veena Vale, which becomes under threat from the arrival of a sorcerer with the unsettling power to read minds.

The working title is currently The Floating Witch and I am pleased to say it is another case that tests the detective powers of everyone's favourite feline detective - Nightshade. She has her paws and whiskers full trying to reign in the use of bad magic, plus learning how to tackle a curse or two. 

It should be published in 2023 and I am really looking forward to sharing with you:
  • an eccentric witch who sells enchanted objects
  • friends who fall out as much as they get on
  • enchanted flapjacks
In The Floating Witch there will be a return of some other favourite characters and of course another mystery to solve that may have magic at its heart.

More thanks

In other good news, my first book The Last Chance Hotel has now passed over 200 reviews. Huge thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to read and review any of my books.

And thanks again to my publisher for continuing to get my books into the hands of readers worldwide. I’ve had news that The Poisoned Pie Mystery will be published in France next year.

Keep on reading everyone!