April 12, 2020

Now a proud author of THREE books

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who made it to the virtual launch of The Cut-Throat Cafe. Particularly to those who made shortbread!

It was lovely that so many people were able to join - and ask questions. I love to hear from readers, so if you have a question, you can contact me easily through the contact page on this website, or through my facebook page and I shall do my best to answer.

And if I can I share some of the lovely photos you send me in my newsletter too. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do that on this website too.

If you weren't able to make the launch live, you can watch it again here and watch me try to talk, answer questions and make shortbread and decide how successful I was.

I am very proud of how my three books all look together. Thanks to the brilliant artist Matt Saunders for the illustrations. 

Here they all are. I so hope you will enjoy reading them and following Seth's magical mystery adventures.