March 26, 2020

Everyone is invited to the book launch for The Cut-Throat Cafe

I would love it if people would come and help me launch the latest of my Seth Seppi magical mysteries The Cut-Throat Café. You are all invited!

I will be live-streaming on YouTube on the official publication day.
Join in making Scrumdiddlyumptious Shortbread as part of the Cut-Throat Café activities.

Signed bookplates available!

Thanks to all of the amazing bookshops who are sending book parcels far and wide. Keep safe all of you.

If you would like a signed copy, I am really happy to send signed bookplates to bookshops. Just contact me or your local bookshop to let me know if you would like some.

(My local bookshop, Mostly Books, is also taking orders, and if you get in touch, they can arrange to get a signed and dedicated copy and offer discounted delivery within Abingdon). 

How you can join in the celebrations

If you want to make shortbread, you can look up the recipe I will be using under the activities tab on this website.

My main character, Seth, loves cooking and this is his favourite recipe, passed down by his father. 

But shortbread is a great recipe, lots of people make it different ways. So don't worry if you are short of ingredients, have some sort of flour, butter and sugar, use whatever is to hand!

The Cut-Throat Café is published by Chicken House, so a really big 'thank you' to them for being so supportive. The cover illustration is by the truly exceptional Matt Saunders.

Join me at 1pm BST Thursday April 2. And again, in the evening at 7pm.

The launch party is sadly not in the Cut-Throat Café of the title, and you will have to bring your own drinks.

I will be taking questions – and trying to answer them. These can be sent by email in advance, or on Facebook or Twitter (can’t do live questions on YouTube because of restrictions).

And I would love to give a shout-out to anyone who will be watching. Or schools who may have read The Last Chance Hotel.

And authors who are also publishing books in April. Would love to give you a mention.

Here's a bit more about Seth and Nightshade's latest adventure...

This time it is the magical apprentices who are in trouble

Seth Seppi is excited to arrive in the magical town of Gramichee. He is desperate to discover if he has any chance of fulfilling his destiny and becoming a sorcerer and this is one of the few towns where a number of magical people live.

It is Seth’s best chance of finding himself an apprenticeship, because so far, his magic has been nothing but a disaster and he needs to find someone to help him with his magic.

But he’s arrived in Gramichee at exactly the wrong time. An apprentice has been attacked and it's not the first incident.

This is the start of Seth’s most worrying case so far. Why are apprentices being targeted? Is it an accident? A prank gone wrong? Is one of the apprentices responsible, or is something much darker at the bottom of it all?

Once again, Seth will need all his wits about him and dig deep into the magical world and his own magic to find answers.

Can Seth discover who is the mysterious Apprentice Assassin before the whole apprentice scheme is scrapped and Seth’s dreams of ever becoming a sorcerer fail along with it.

And remember, you are all invited to my booklaunch  at 1pm and 7pm BST Thursday April 2. Join me here!