April 04, 2022

The Poisoned Pie Mystery - out May 5 2022!

I am absolutely thrilled that I have another crime fiction book being published this year.

As always, it features magic and some sorcerers behaving very badly! And some youthful sleuths (and one sassy but sarcastic cat) who must investigate and save the world from the magical bad guys.

I can finally reveal the cover and that the publication date is May 5. Lots to celebrate!

The journey to publication passes through many milestones, but one that never fails to get me excited is seeing the cover. So do go and take a look at what The Poisoned Pie Mystery is going go to look like.

I've always been lucky to work with great illustrators - thank you to the amazingly talented Héloïse Mab, who also did the jacket for The Howling Hag Mystery. I love how the character of Nightshade is really coming through as she has taken over my books!

I think this series fits in so well with the look of my first books, illustrated by the brilliant Matt Saunders for the Seth Seppi Mysteries.

This is how the cover was revealed!

Pre-order at your local bookshop, or at: