April 21, 2022

New book alert*** The Poisoned Pie Mystery

Oakmoss Hornbeam knows he is more than a little clumsy. In fact he has so many accidents he is wondering if his Uncle Erasmus is right and he's under an ill-wishing spell. But who would want to harm a slightly undersized, very unlucky schoolboy?

You might think being part of a magical family would be full of advantages. But in a world that doesn't believe in magic, all it means to Oakmoss is having to keep a lot of secrets from his best-friend, Veena.

Oakmoss feels it's the worst possible omen when a black cat crosses his path. But he teams up with Nightshade, who turns out to know far more about the magical world than he does. Together they set out to discover if someone is really out to harm Oakmoss with magic.

I have a special offer for my lovely readers (you are very much appreciated). If you would like to get a signed and dedicated copy of my book, you can buy them from my local bookshop, Mostly Books. Thank you to them! They are also offering the book at a discounted price.

And if you'd like to find out more about the book, I am talking about it over on YouTube.

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I am so looking forward to sharing The Poisoned Pie Mystery with you all and all the mystery and bad sorcery involved.